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What is Radio Everyone?

Radio Everyone will be at the forefront of Project Everyone activity.

We will use radio’s unique position as the most accessible medium to communicate the Global Goals to people across the world.

Radio Everyone content will be hosted by the world’s most famous musicians, cultural leaders and communicators, who will create brilliant and unique programming.

You can listen to Radio Everyone on the Global Goals site from September 26th.

In addition we are pulling together a global network of radio stations, all participating in their own way in Radio Everyone.

What do we provide to partner broadcasters?

Sign up to gain access to Radio Everyone content in a kit of parts form.

You can tailor make an offering that works for your individual audience, demographic and format.

Content will include:

What do you need to deliver?

Host it

We are assembling a team of global superstars to make amazing Radio Everyone content- Host it on your platforms.

Create it

Create your own special ‘goals’ content tailor made for your audience and platforms.

Mix it up

Make a Unique Radio Everyone offering- wrap your content around ours- We ask for an hour of air time across the week in whatever way works best for your audience.

Join the Radio Everyone team

We want every radio station, whatever your size, to be part of this.

To join the Radio Everyone team, contact us! Click the button below to send us an email telling us who you are and where you're from and we will get back to you straight away.

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