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The Global Goals x Mission 2020

Mission 2020 is an organisation convened by Christiana Figueres, former head of the UNFCCC and leading figure of the Paris Agreement. It focuses on both accelerating the pace and increasing the scale of climate action in order to limit the effects of climate change, particularly for the poorest people and countries. Since April 2017, Project Everyone has supported Mission 2020 through multiple campaigns aimed at getting the world to drastically bend the curve of global GHG emissions by 2020 - without which the Global Goals cannot be achieved by 2030.


In 2018, Project Everyone collaborated with Mission2020 around three main activations:

The World Economic Forum in Davos, Jan 2018 

Project Everyone and Mission 2020 worked in collaboration with Arctic Basecamp, the British Antarctic Survey and Lancaster University to highlight the impact of climate change in the Arctic and the need for speed in addressing it. This activation was a ‘science meets solutions’ creative experience that brought together the world’s leading scientists as well as political and business leaders, highlight both the hard data messages from the Arctic and the incredible business and tech solutions currently leading the way to a healthier planet. Our bold and ambitious message was further amplified by various media outlets.   

The G7 in Canada, June 2018

As world leaders gathered for the G7, Project Everyone and Mission 2020 took advantage of the media attention to communicate the 2020 turning point message. Using data visualisation to communicate the importance of halving GHG emissions every decade in order to achieve a net zero emission world by 2050, we created a short film highlighting the economic, social, and health benefits of a healthy planet. Emphasising the pivotal role of scientists in tackling climate change, we also worked with Pr. Gail Whiteman and Pr. Julienne Stroeve on an op-ed piece published by the Scientific American and subsequently picked up by other outlets. 


The Global Climate Action Summit (GCAS) in San Francisco, Sep 2018

As climate leaders from around the world gathered in California, Project Everyone helped Mission 2020 with their latest campaign: the Step Up Declaration. From digitalisation to new technologies such as cloud computing, AI and the Internet of Things, Tech is changing people’s lives and businesses at an incredible pace. The idea behind the Step Up Declaration is to harness this transformative power to accelerate the transition to a decarbonised future. Launched in May 18 and publicly announced a few months later during GCAS, the Step Up Declaration has already been signed by some of the world’s largest tech players such as Arm, Bloomberg, Nokia and Salesforce, all committed to accelerate progress and encourage bold climate action from all sectors of society.