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From the 21st to 24th January 2015, over 2,500 heads of state, business leaders, philanthropists and artists arrived at Davos for the World Economic Forum to discuss global issues and solutions.

Awaiting the influential attendees were a collection of 193 snowmen, one for each country, taking an icy stance against the continuation of inequality, poverty and climate change. Each snowman was wrapped in a scarf that represented the specific country and carried a sign to express their outrage.

‘These protesting snowmen send a very serious message in a light hearted way. Like them, unless we seize the opportunities of 2015, they will simply melt away without a trace’ Brendan Cox, Director of Policy at Save the Children

Throughout the week, hundreds supported the campaign by tweeting selfies with the tag #snowmanselfie - some famous faces included Chris Martin, Will.I.Am, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Amina Muhammed and Bono.

A total of 2,452 mentions of the Snowman Selfie generated 43,291,299 impressions, while the hashtag itself resulted in 29,251,819. Further, the hashtag #Action2015 gathered 22,675,641 impressions over the course of the five day event.

In 2016, Project Everyone gathered influential personalities to discuss the pressing concern of Women and Girls. The evening began with 17 snowmen wearing hats inscribed with each of the Global Goals greeting the illustrious attendees.The engagement was hosted by Melinda Gates, Sheryl Sandberg and Freida Pinto who gave rousing calls to action.

Global icons such as, Kevin Spacey, Emma Watson, Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, and (the then Prime Minister) David Cameron engaged on the issue of realising Gender Equality. The evening closed with an impassioned call from 18 year old Unicef Ambassador Hannah Godefa to ensure the Global Goals deliver for girls and women everywhere.