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Climate Calling

Climate Calling is a pop-up radio platform celebrating Global Goal 13 and Climate Action stories from around the world. Head to the Mixcloud platform to find exclusive content from Mission 2020 convener Christiana Figueres, author Sir Ken Robinson, entrepreneur Boyan Slat, MARS inc. Chief Sustainability Officer Barry Parkin, and many more:

Aidan Gallagher, actor, climate advocate, and UN Environmental Goodwill Ambassador

Project Everyone supported Climate Calling’s launch on September 12th 2018 during the Global Climate Action Summit (GCAS) in San Francisco, and it ran throughout September as a platform to amplify the messages of hope and climate ambition, from GCAS to the One Planet Summit, the UN General Assembly, and Climate Week 2018. During that time, 20 interviews, 1.5 hours of content, and 8 hours of audio were produced. The content reflected the diversity of the climate movement: from high-level policy makers to business leaders, educators, music artists, explorers and climate advocates. We achieved 54,000 minutes of listenership and reached 890,000 people.

Christiana Figueres, Mission 2020 convenor, former UNFCCC Secretary